What is SmartFarm?

SmartFarm is an online command and control platform, where you can remotely automate, monitor and control infrastructure on your property.

Weekly satellite imagery, radar & infra-red gives you a never before seen insight into your property. 

SmartFarm connect with you compatible John Deere tractors, to provide a live feed of your equipment location, operation data and much more.

What is FieldBot?

FieldBot is your eyes and ears on the ground. Solar powered, water proof and tough, it can monitor the environment on its own, or be connected to external sensors or infrastructure.

Once connected to FieldBot, existing infrastructure can be controlled and automated via the cloud based SmartFarm platform. 

FieldBot can communicate with other bots in order to complete complex tasks, such as turning pumps on or off, when another bot has detected water at the end of an irrigation cycle.

Will FieldBot work in my country?

Yes! If you have access to the internet via 3g, 4g or NBiot, then FieldBot will have no problem getting access to the SmartFarm platform.


How do I use FieldBot?

When you receive your FieldBot, connect it to your SmartFarm account by typing in your bots unique serial number. After charging, your FieldBot is now online and ready to send data to SmartFarm and receive commands or automatons


How do I use SmartFarm?

SmartFarm is an online command and control platform, designed to integrate with a wide variety of 3rd party hardware and software. 

The cloud based platform will allow you to remotely automate and control infrastructure connected via FieldBots.

Create rule based automation for your FieldBots to complete when required. Such as, close irrigation gate when water is detected as a different bot.

When will I receive my SmartFarm access?

SmartFarm will be online in late 2020, all FieldMicro customers will receive free access.

When will I receive my FieldBot?

FieldBots will begin to be delivered in the first quarter of 2021.